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Telemental Health Counseling Available

Clinical Supervision for Licensure Candidates with Tammy Tellez

Graduation Ceremony

The path to therapist licensure can be daunting, but congratulations for making it to this part in the journey! Hopefully I can pass along some points of wisdom that I learned along the way to make your journey a little easier.


In Missouri, LPCs can supervise CIT and PLPC candidates for licensure as well as providing general clinical supervision for staff, interns, and students. Potential supervisees from other states and licenses should check with their licensure board to for the requirement of supervision that is acceptable for their training. I am only available to supervise individuals in Missouri, the state in which I am licensed. I can provide clinical supervision for licensure candidates and those wishing to gain knowledge of professional counseling or treatment. As a certified Trauma Care Supervisor, I am specially trained at supervising trauma-related client work and can provide supervision and consultation around treating these concerns. Both group and individual supervision formats are available. Distance learning methods via Vsee or Zoom are available on a supplemental basis as well for those living in geographically restricted areas with limited access to appropriate supervisors. Sorry, I am not currently available as a site supervisor for counseling graduate students as I do not have an available practicum site.


My fee for Licensure Supervisees (CITs and PLPCs) is $70/hour. Contact me for Consultation fees.


I currently have evening hours available for supervision.

Supervision Style

With me as your supervisor, the goal of supervision will be to help provide the supervisee with a safe place to share information in a collaborative process; to enhance and develop your skills as a clinician; to help integrate theory with clinical practice, ethics, technical skills, and personal warmth/genuineness, as well as to increase your feelings of competence as a License Professional Counselor. My supervisees can expect that I will provide clear structure and boundaries, but also the flexibility to discuss any concerns that arise within the relationship to best meet their needs. I emphasize a balance of case discussion, legal and ethical discussion, self-care, and processing therapist concerns as it relates to clinical and professional development. In general, the Humanistic orientation I use with clients is similar to that which I use with Supervisees, emphasizing genuineness, empathy, and warmth. With regard to treatment methods, I tend to value the skills and tools utilized with evidenced-based therapies (Socratic questioning, thought records, coping skills cards) and encourage use of modeling and role playing such techniques. When conceptualizing cases, I feel it is important to examine the client history, goals and beliefs. I also believe in the benefits of a client centered approach to therapy as opposed to a one-size-fits-all method, and likewise encourage flexibility and adaptability within the supervisees approach. It is my belief that by fostering independent thinking appropriate to the level of clinical development of the therapist, the supervisee is allowed to develop his/her own sense of therapeutic style as well as gain competence in their own skills. My hope is to train good, knowledgeable, and ethical clinicians that can serve our clients and our field in the best way it was intended. I've provided a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the road to licensure below. Be sure to check with the board for changes and other steps.

Important Steps to Becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor

Important Steps to getting licensed as a Licensed Professional Counselor in Missouri:

1. Start your Research here to understand the licensure process: Missouri Division of Professional

2. Complete all Required Graduate Coursework

3. Join Your National Organization: American Counseling Association for Professional Counselors

4. Study for your Licensure Exam: Study courses and materials can be found here


5. Take the Exam: National Counselor Exam

6. Research supervision requirements: Responsibilities and Guidelines for Approved Supervisors and Supervisor Candidate

7. Apply for and Register Supervisor:

8. Complete a Supervision contract, example located at:

9. Purchase Liability Insurance prior to seeing clients, discounts are available for ACA members;

10. Complete 3,000 hours and 24 months of supervised experience with five years to complete the hours and months (1,200 hours direct client contact individual and/or group therapy required)

11. Apply for State Licensure: After 3000 hours and 24 months of supervision:

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